Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Moisture Readings

Prior to beginning work the techs at SERVPRO of Fraser will check the moisture readings in the affected material. This will help them determine how far the water may have traveled damaging the material and the scope of the work which needs to be done. It is our goal to do the least invasive possible dry out. 

Removal of Critters

Sometimes when the techs from SERVPRO of Fraser are mitigating a water loss extra issues arise. Whenever rodents are found they are properly and promptly removed. The homeowner is made aware of our findings so they can tend to the reason the critters are getting into their house. It's all in the life of a tech at SERVPRO of Fraser.

Drying Mats help Save Flooring

SERVPRO of Fraser will use the least invasive method to dry out the affected structure. Here, the homeowner had a toilet line leak which affected their ceramic tile floor. They did not want to have their floor removed, if possible. Drying mats were used to help extract the excessive water from the floor which helped it dry and allowed them to keep their ceramic tile floor. The homeowners were grateful because the cost for drying their floor was less than their deductible so they did not need to file a claim.

Containment used to Protect

Our crew cares at SERVPRO of Fraser. They take the time to put up containment to protect the unaffected portions of your structure prior to removing the damaged portions. The homeowner was extremely pleased with the care the techs used while working at their house.