Recent Before & After Photos

COVID Cleanup

In this situation, we had a local bar contact us saying that they got news of a individual within their establishment that came in, unknowingly having COVID. O... READ MORE

Water/Sewage Cleanup

On this loss, we had a major problem with a sewage backup. Category 3 Water (which is considered the worst category, potentially lethal to drink and come in co... READ MORE

Mold Loss in Basement While in Florida

This before and after shot is a prime reason of Why SERVPRO should be used. This particular homeowner was in Florida during the hot Michigan summers and didn't... READ MORE

Bathroom Loss While Away From Home

SERVPRO ran into a home where the homeowners were out of town on vacation. This is a time where losses can occur at most. The loss initially occurred under the ... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Burst in Condominium Unit

The sprinkler system in this Clinton Township condominium unit had burst causing a substantial amount of of water damage. The sprinkler system was installed on... READ MORE

Sewer back up in Harrison Township basement

This Harrison Township home had a sewer back up in their basement. The basement filled with sewage water, destroying most of their belongs and the lower part o... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Eastpointe

This flooded basement in Eastpointe was the result of a busted sewage pipe from beneath the house. The basement had to be completely demolished. The wooden pane... READ MORE

Cleaning Commercial Floor in Clinton Township

The bathroom floor in this commercial building in Clinton Township needed some extra attention. The bathroom had been experiencing multiple water leaks which ca... READ MORE

Extra Care is Taken with Older Homeowners

The homeowners were gone for the winter as they are snow birds. While gone the Mr. had gotten quite sick and when they returned home their air conditioner had l... READ MORE

Garage Fire from Fire Works

The homeowner in Detroit suffered a fire loss from fire works. He lost everything in his garage, including his garage. It also affected his back porch, the hous... READ MORE