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Asbestos Pipe Covering Removal in Chesterfield

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

Wrapping Asbestos Pipe Wrapping Asbestos Pipe

SERVPRO of Fraser came across a very exciting opportunity when our owner, Paul Patrico, linked up with a member of the City of Chesterfield who was high-up in the decision making process of job referrals in our scope of work that we do.  That is why is it always important for us to establish new connections, through sales and marketing, to gain access to opportunities like so.  In this case, a Recreational Park was due for remodels, and in this process, an initial assessment determined that upon lab report results, a ceiling pipe was wrapped in asbestos lining, which required special removal techniques and health/safety mindfulness to properly remove.

First, we loaded up all of our safety gear and HEPA suits, along with gloves and respirators.  Next, we used 6 Mil - thick plastic to zone off the area of the building where the pipe was located.  An air mover was placed, to keep the air clean of bad particles.  Then, we wrapped the pipe in special plastic covering and taped it very well, and took a razor blade to the asbestos-padded lining and sealed them in proper garbage bags.  This process ensured safety of ourselves and others that were soon to enter the building, just in case some asbestos particles became loose in the air within the building.  The room was properly HEPA filtered with the air scrubber and our job was done.  We hope that our part at SERVPRO of Fraser can lead the park's indoor area to a better rebuild that the city can enjoy safely.

How SERVPRO Handles Fire Losses

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Dry Sponge on Flat Paint Using a dry sponge on a ceiling.

When a loss comes in and it is fire related, there are a lot of tools SERVPRO has at its disposal in order to clean the structure.  For example, on semi-gloss paint, when the fire and soot are at its worst, SERVPRO has a chemical that goes by the name of Firestar.  Firestar is specially formulated to get the walls to a point where they are cleaned to paint.   the difference that this product makes on surfaces is above any of the rest.  For flat paint, soot and other dirt will smear, so we have other solutions for that scenario.  We call this a Dry, or Chem Sponge.  When put on a pole, the dry sponge is applied to the ceiling, (in most cases because ceilings are usually used as flat paint), and paint is then applied, which is usually a Kliz-based paint that seals smell and odors in.  SERVPRO also uses upholstery cleaning machines for salvageable content, carpet cleaning extraction machines for saving carpet, and many other uses to help make the fire look "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO does Commercial Jobs as well as Residential

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Commerical Fire Loss Commercial Fire Loss with Air Scrubber placed and wall halfway cleaned.

When most people think of insurance losses, we tend to think of a residential home having a sewage backup, toilet overflow, blown pipe, fire, etc. However, SERVPRO of Fraser also does Commercial jobs too.  We've done jobs such as: Machinery Shops, Flooring Stores, Auto Places, and more.  Given how long we've been in business, we have the necessary amount of equipment and personnel to complete the job.  This is especially necessary because commercial jobs typically come with a larger area to deal with, which means more air movers and dehumidifiers are necessary.  It is also important to have enough trained technicians so that the job is done correctly.  Commercial buildings typically come with higher ceilings and larger areas.  This is necessary for the volume, especially if it is a commercial fire, which need tons of drywall to wipe and dry sponges to use on flat paint.

Excessive Mold in Townhome

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Mold growing up on drywall walls in bedroom closet. In the laundry area (not pictured), the mold made it all the way to the ceiling.

SERVPRO of Fraser was called in to assess a Mold job in a town home that an elderly lady was occupying and had a humidity/water problem in the unit.  As time went by, mold began to start.  Then that lead into 90% of the unit filled with mold stains on the drywall, cabinets, furniture, and left an extremely unpleasant smell as well.  The average height that the mold stopped was around four feet, however, in some areas, the mold went up to the ceiling.  This called for a complete demo, with no items recommended to be saved.  Anyone staying in that house would potentially experience health effects by breathing in spores that were disturbed by everyday chores, such as sitting/moving furniture, stepping on the floor, in which the carpet had mold stains as well, and doing work in the kitchen or using the bathroom.  In this case, an assessment was done, information we follow by the IICRC was given to them, and a recommendation of condemning the unit/bringing it back to its original studs and foundation was made.

SERVPRO Also Handles Storm Situations in Affected Communities

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Large Loss Team In Storm Communities SERVPRO can also handle storm situations - which may lead to large losses in a community.

Depending on what part of the country you are located in, different types of storms can cause major types of damage.  SERVPRO of Fraser is located in Michigan, which in this part of the country, we have the potential of getting tornadoes.  Tornado damage can break windows and combined with large amounts of rain, can enter your home and cause a whole-house loss.  If this water is not given attention, with the amount of water entering homes from a big storm such as a tornado, this could lead to your house being suggested to be condemned.

SERVPRO is a large company, so there are other parts of our footprint that get storms.  SERVPRO has what is called a large loss team.  This team is equipped with the personnel and equipment to handle these types of situations.  Also, this is where customers will see the large semi-trucks that are posted on the commercials. 

Water Loss Turned Into Potential Mold Discovery

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Flooring with Staining Potential Microbial Activity on Wood Subfloor

When a customer looks across the board and is trying to make a decision on who the most professional and skilled mitigation specialists are, SERVPRO should always come to mind in this case.  Nowadays, the internet is a perfect place to start when advertising, however; almost every company is online, so we need to go above and beyond to be chosen the Best.  Our employees of certain positions are all certified by the IICRC and know how to handle what to do when uncovering layers of walls or drywall.  

This detail is important for a field employee to have because if running into microbial activity, for instance, how we handle materials, and equipment placement.  For example, any flooring or walls, anything with staining should be bagged.  Also, when it comes to placing equipment, air movers should never be placed and pointed at the staining.  If what is seen is actually mold, the last thing we want to do is spread spores throughout the house into unaffected areas.

Storm Outside Causing Drain/Sewage Backup

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Sludge Backup From Storm Storms can speed up, or bring about losses that can damage your home.

Depending on what part of the country a franchise may be located, outdoor conditions may affect indoor loses.  Places like Florida or New Orleans could run into hurricanes, and here in Michigan, one of our biggest natural occurances is flooding.  Flooding can cause water to enter the home thru the outside, or even worse backup basement drains/sub-pumps.

For an example, this house had a problem waiting to happen, and once a storm hit, her basement floor drains backed up and caused a sludge to come up.  This automatically makes the loss what we call a category 3 (dangerous to drink or come in contact with) water.  SERVPRO always comes ready to handle these types of losses, and has the right products to handle each type of loss.  When situations like this occur, it is also needed that we put the correct safety gear on, as our personnel's health and the customers is always priority #1. 

Fire Damage In Apartment Unit

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

Bedroom Apartment Fire Fire in Apartment Building caused by the electrical back-up battery unit plugged into the wall.

SERVPRO of Fraser is known for restoring and handling any job that comes our way with expertise.  In this job referenced, we got a call in for a Fire Loss.  The fire investigator determined that the cause of the fire was from a back-up battery that the homeowner plugged into the wall.  It is not known if the battery back-up was faulty in itself, the cord, or the electrical in the apartment unit itself.  

Once we were called in to move forward with the job, we had to move from room to room with the customer and using our own knowledge of content restorability to determine what contents in his unit were keepable or not.  Luckily, only the content in the main bedroom, was deemed almost all unsalvageable (maybe some clothing can be saved).   The other parts of the unit just got affected with smoke damage.

We always stick to the SERVPRO way when a decision needs to be made.  However, allowing the customer to be involved not only helps the flow of work, but eliminates the chance that a personal rare heirloom is thrown away due to fire/heavy smoke damage.

A Typical Water Loss in St. Clair Shores Area

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

After Picture With Equipment Drying Wet Areas After demolition, this picture shows our equipment doing its job on drying the now exposed wood.

Here at SERVPRO of Fraser in Michigan, our most common type of loss is the water loss, especially during the winter season when temperatures can get low and homeowners either don't have their water pipes insulated properly or not at all, leading to the water running through them - causing expansion of the piping and most likely a burst in the copper-made pipes.

In this example of a home we worked on, like many - they had an upstairs bathroom directly above the main floor bathroom.  When an upper level pipe gave out due to low temperatures, gravity caused the water to flow ceiling/upper walls --> down.  

In order to properly mitigate the loss, we had to tear out the whole ceiling and walls.  Luckily the shower surround was not wet and the tile floor was dryable using dehumidification heat in that bathroom combined with air movement facing upwards from the basement.

To our surprise, this house was made using plaster to do the walls instead of drywall.  Plaster has more of a concrete base and typically is bound with a mesh in the middle of it, making the demolition much more difficult and raising the chances of injury - due to heavier materials being hit at, the wire mesh, and heavier garbage bags with those materials in them.  The wood dried and with an application of SERVPROxide the bathroom was ready for rebuild to begin.

General Cleaning After New Floors Were Put In

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

After Photo of Cleanup The whole house turned out neat and organized just like the room shown in this picture!

In this posting, we're going to show you how SERVPRO is not only qualified in restoration of water, fire, mold, etc.  We have many different types of jobs that we handle and this was one of them.

We received a call from a homeowner who was in the process of having the carpeting in her quad-level home replaced with Hardwood floor.  She knew that the construction team would clean up after their job, however; she also wanted a team of professionals to come in and do a thorough clean up once all the new flooring was placed down.  Using SERVPRO's greatly designed products (in this case we used SERVPRO Green and SERVPRO Orange), we wiped her walls and used our specialized Dry Sponges on her flat-paint ceilings.  An outer-wiping of the cabinets was done and that summed up the job.  Although the construction team did a great job cleaning up after the work they did, we ended up with many rags and dry sponges covered in gray-black dirt from wall/cabinet/ceiling surfaces.

In the end, the customer was happy and said she would use us again in the future anytime without a doubt!