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Storm Damage in the Macomb County Area.

6/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage in the Macomb County Area. Devastating impacts can be felt in storm damage situations.

Untreated storm damage can be a devastating and time consuming event for a homeowner. This also happens during inconvenient times and leaving the damage untreated can lead to serious damage.

Within hours, water will start soaking into drywall, upholstery and other porous materials. If it is continued to be left untreated, your home’s drywall will break and musty odors becomes present within your home.

Mold and mildew growth will manifest anywhere from 48 hours to a week after storm damage. This can also impact your wood flooring and or corkboard and start to cause swelling and can also cause warping of your windows and doors. The important thing to remember is that the longer the damage is left untreated, the more expense that will incur for repairing the damages. If you fear that your home has suffered significant storm damage, call your local SERVPRO of Fraser franchise at (586) 296-3331.

Why You Should Watch for Mold in Your Facility or Building

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Why You Should Watch for Mold in Your Facility or Building Better to be safe than sorry about your mold problem!

For many of the buildings near our Fraser office, it is essential that the building remain cleanliness and a clean environment. This is often because of health standards, industry standards or various other outside bodies that control and regulate that these buildings maintain a certain level of cleanliness.

Therefore when you find mold in your building, it is best to have the mold immediately taken care of. Mold spores are not something that should be left over time. Mold growth can happen quickly and without warning, so it is best to have the mold remediated upon discovery. 

Mold and bleach, contrary to popular belief, is not an effective combination. If you suspect that mold is in your facility, have it assessed by a mold remediation professional, like SERVPRO of Fraser. Call in an team of professionals to ensure that the mold you see will not grow into mold that causes further problems for your building or your health.

How We Can Improve Fraser's Commercial Properties

6/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How We Can Improve Fraser's Commercial Properties SERVPRO of Fraser works to make your commercial property show its best attributes.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Fraser is to make sure that the homes and buildings that we work on are left better than before we entered. It does not matter whether it requires a little extra time and effort, the important goal is to make sure that we can clean and remediate damage from your building in a very efficient and professional manner.

We can improve a commercial building in many ways. One of those ways, is by mapping out a game plan that seeks to clean your building with the safest and most natural cleaning solutions that aim to maintain the quality of the items we can. SERVPRO makes sure that their franchises have access to the appropriate chemicals needed to clean any surface, furniture piece or wall within your building. We often rely on that expertise to make sure that we provide premium service for our clients.

Another way we can improve your commercial property is by providing maximum flexibility with our commercial property owner and managers. We can work around the schedules of our vendors to provide the best timing for their needs and wants. We do this to ensure that we maintain strong alliances that help to improve their communities and in turn create more opportunity for our franchise to clean sister properties.

Residential Fires vs. Commercial Fires

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Residential Fires vs. Commercial Fires Fires can be very damaging.

Fires that occur in homes and commercial buildings often require a majority of the same processes needed to remediate the fire and its damage effectively, but there are slight differences that can impact how we manage the project.

One big difference that can occur is when the structural integrity of a commercial building is impacted by a fire. When a home loses some structural integrity, often we would lean towards tarping the affected area and depending on the size of the area affected, reinforcing the area by boarding it up. In a commercial building fire, the standard procedure is often to immediately boardup and create a temporary fence around the area to prevent potential outside damage and strengthen the area affected.

Another big difference would be the allocation of our workers. In a home, often the crew members will work as a team to scope and work together in rooms. In a commercial fire though, that may not be a possibility, so we often rely on several groups of workers to spread out and focus on sections of the affected area. This ensures proper scoping of the site and allows for more checks and balances to be established for the cleanup.

How Common is Water Damage from Appliances?

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Common is Water Damage from Appliances? Washing Machines can result in water damage, but usually it is due to improper use.

Household appliances can often be a contributor to a water damage situation. One of the reasons why this can happen is due to wear and tear of the appliance itself. In order to prevent this as a homeowner, you want to make sure that you check your lines in the appliance regularly to ensure that the line has not kinked itself or developed any microtears, leading to leaks. 

Another potential cause could be an overflow from the machine. Usually this would due to a user error of some sort, as these machines, especially the modernized machines, often have failsafes to prevent overflows from occurring and causing damage to your home. 

It is essential to make sure that you are using your appliances effectively and ensure that your appliances are still able to effectively do their jobs without having a potential breakdown or quality issue. In the event of a major episode, call your local SERVPRO experts at (586) 296-3331.

How the Summer Heat can Impact Fires

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How the Summer Heat can Impact Fires Summer sun and heat is coming so make sure you're safe in the event of a fire.

The summer is a welcomed time of year in Southeast Michigan, especially after such cold winter temperatures. It also can result in a lot of fires if not careful.

This blog will discuss how the warmer temperatures can lead to much more damaging fires and how you can prevent humidity and higher temperatures from creating a more severe fire. 

Fires generally feed off the climate, and with climate change having such a widespread impact, it has also led to a significant amount of fires. We don't see this as much in Michigan, but through our decade as a franchise, the warmer temperatures can often correlate with more fires. Make sure that you practice safety and use caution when using flammable materials in your home during the summer season. Summer is also a great time to install a smoke detector within your home in order to prevent fires from impacting your home.

Storm Status: How Our Franchise Reacts to the Storm Season

5/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Storm Status: How Our Franchise Reacts to the Storm Season Storm season is among us.

Last week, SERVPRO Franchises around the Southeast Michigan region went into a storm status situation. In these situations, our franchise goes to our various service areas that need damage following a major weather pattern or storm. 

Insurance agencies, at a corporate level, usually issue the start of these "storm status" events and the goal is to ensure that the damage is remediated quickly and the storm events can be rectified in a timely and professional manner. 

Depending on the volume of the storm event, sometimes it will require for our SERVPRO Large Loss Unit to be called into the area to help service the larger commercial losses as well. Through our network of 1,700 plus franchises, we can make sure that we service your home in an efficient and timely manner. 

When in a storm situation, call your claims office and make sure that they call SERVPRO of Fraser, so that we can help serve you in the best and most efficient way possible. Call us at (586) 296-3331. 

Storm Damage Resources

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Resources Storm Damage has or will impact others in your life. Make sure they know who to call.

There are a lot of resources that are needed in cleaning up storm damage events and SERVPRO of Fraser is able to help you with all of them. 

We have alliances and connections with various Metro Detroit contractors, plumbers as well as various construction companies and handymen. By having such a widespread reach, we can help draw from the experiences of multiple professionals, allowing for your home to be taken care of with the utmost expertise.

Another resource that will help more in terms of preparation is the National Weather Service. Their websites and social media feeds keep track of upcoming and current storm trends and warnings and issue those warnings and updates the information in real time. 

Finally, some of the resources are some everyday items found within your own home. In a pinch, it can help that you have some fans handy as well as a shop vac. Having the ability to at least remove some water and be able to ventilate the area affected will at least slow down the potential growth of mold. However, it is important that you contact a restoration professional in order to ensure proper remeidiation is performed.

An Emergency Ready Profile is Just The Start

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial An Emergency Ready Profile is Just The Start Call us to prepare yourself for emergencies and make sure that your facility is ready.

An Emergency Ready Profile is a massive tool for you as a property owner, property manager or as a facilities director. It may seem like a complete guide, but it is only the first step in making sure that your commercial building and its employees can adapt in an emergency situation. 

The Emergency Ready Profile is a no cost assessment of your facility that will detail important areas of your building, like key exits, where shutoffs are located and a plan of action for when a disaster occurs, complete with a chain of contacts that you would like to call in an emergency situation.

The Emergency Ready Profile is also encouraged to be reviewed every year with important staff members and training should supplement what is included in the emergency procedures for your facility. If you would like to have an ERP performed on your business, call your local SERVPRO experts at (586) 296-3331. 

Tips Before the Big Storm.

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips Before the Big Storm. SERVPRO is the leader in insurance restoration.

If your area is expecting a tornado or other major storm, there are several steps you can take to stay safe.

     1. Look For Warning Signs

Tornadoes occur when there is a severe thunderstorm in the area. Rain, hail and lightning strikes are all signs of a possible tornado.

Some other warning signs include:

  • Skies that have different colors like green, red or orange.
  • Damaged Power Lines or Debris
  • Tornado sirens.
  1. Be aware.

Follow your local news stations on social media and try to watch on television if possible to stay abreast of the weather patterns and conditions within your area.

  1. Find Safe Shelter

Head for a sturdy building before the storm approaches. Look for a home or office with a basement whenever possible. If a basement is not available, move to the center of the building. Stay away from windows and debris. Try to place as many solid walls as you can between the coming storm and your family.

If the storm is too severe for driving, secure your seat belt, get as low in the seat as possible and place a blanket over yourself. Stay close to the ground if you are caught in an open field. Cover your head and keep an eye out for debris flying through the air. Avoid hiding under overpasses or bridges.

SERVPRO of Fraser is a proud to be a member of the Fraser and the Macomb County community. When you have a flood or storm emergency, we will always be ready to help.