Commercial Photo Gallery

Drain Back up in Fraser Business

This local senior community experienced a power failure which triggered multiple complications for them during the day. At the end of the day, on a Friday, their drains backed up affecting multiple rooms throughout their building. The trained technicians from SERVPRO of Fraser extracted the affected rooms on Friday evening and placed drying equipment. Our crew worked hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Loss in Clinton Township Condo

The insulation is wet from a spigot leak which leaked into the crawl space and furnace room of the building. The professional team from SERVPRO of Fraser extracted the standing water, removed the wet and damaged insulation and then dried out the structure. The maintenance team from the condos appreciated the fast, friendly, and professional service our crew provided. We made their disaster "Like it never even happened."

Hot Water Tank Leak in Clinton Township Office

The hot water tank in this multi unit office building leaked causing multiple rooms to be affected in one of the units. The professional team from SERVPRO of Fraser arrived on site shortly after the discovery to find several rooms of the office which needed to be extracted. In order keep the office functioning, the trained crew worked late into the early morning hours extracting, moving content and placing equipment so that the office could still work the next day. The office manager was pleased with the care and concern the team from SERVPRO of Fraser had for the office and their staff. We made their disaster "Like it never even happened."

Pipe Break in Fraser

The photo is an aftermath of a pipe break in the ceiling of an empty commercial building. We had experienced some extremely cold temperatures and over the weekend while the neighboring businesses were closed, the pipe broke. Water had affected six units causing businesses to close while the dry out process took place. The crew from SERVPRO of Fraser put in countless hours extracting and drying out each unit. Working hard so that each business could open back up as soon as possible. Each business involved was pleased that SERVPRO of Fraser addressed each of their concerns and worked hard so that they could open their doors for business again. We made their disaster "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Drain Back up in Fraser, MI

SERVPRO of Fraser is not exempt from having back ups in our own building. Our entire building experienced a blockage in our main line. When we flushed our toilet, we had a geyser affect.  In addition, we had water and dirt back up through our drain as seen in this picture. Fortunately, the professionals at SERVPRO of Fraser went into action immediately and cleaned up our own back up. If left unattended, water could have wicked up in our drywall walls and caused further damage. If your commercial building experiences water damage, give us a call and our crew will clean up the water damage and dry up your structure.

Church Experiences Roof Leaks

A church in Washington Township experienced a roof leak which lead to even more issues.  After further investigation they determined that they also had mold in the rafters.  The water was leaking through the roof and ceiling and into the building causing multiple problems.  The crew from SERVPRO of Fraser remediated the mold which was in the rafters so that the congregation could safely worship in their building again.  The members were relieved when the process was complete and thankful that the mold was properly taken care of by the professionals at SERVPRO of Fraser.  We made it "Like it never even happened."

Multiple Level Water Loss

This is the result of a multiple level water damage to a local business in Warren. The boiler had a pipe break which caused water damage to seven rooms in the building. SERVPRO of Fraser was at their site within the hour to extract the water and begin the drying process. Our customer was please how quickly responded and were able to get them back up and running "Like it never even happened."

Broken Pipe in Clinton Township, MI

A local business in Clinton Township had a leak in their ceiling resulting from a pipe. SERVPRO of Fraser responded quickly to their call to clean up the water so that they could open for their customers. The store owner was please on how fast we were able to extract the water so that they could resume their business.

Preschool Carpet Clean in Roseville

This is a hallway at a local preschool in Roseville which has a lot of foot traffic from the children. SERVPRO of Fraser offered to clean their carpets to allow them to have a fresh, clean look. The preschool staff appreciated our crew coming in on a Saturday, when the children were not in, to clean the hallway carpet.

Overflow in St. Clair Shores

This picture shows the carpeting which had gotten wet from a drain overflow at a business in St. Clair Shores. SERVPRO of Fraser responded within in the hour and extracted the standing water from their store and storage. We then placed air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected rooms for drying. Although we had equipment in their store, they were able to remain open and serve their customers.

Office Pipe Break in St. Clair Shores

SERVPRO of Fraser responded to a call from this business in St. Clair Shores at 3:00 am. A pipe had busted due to the extreme cold temperatures. They were very happy with our crew and the quickness of our response so that they could keep their office open to their customers.

Drain Back up In St. Clair Shores Business

The owners of this St. Clair Shores business walked in to a drain back up as they were about to open for business. They were impressed that SERVPRO of Fraser was at their place of business within the hour. Extraction took place, along with mopping and sanitizing their bathroom floor. They were very pleased because they were able to remain open for business.