Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Sump Pump Failure During a Storm

Often times during a heavy rain storm sump pumps will fail. It is important to check your sump pump to make sure that it is functioning properly to avoid a flooded basement. If your sump pump fails and floods your basement, call the professional team at SERVPRO of Fraser. We will make your disaster "Like it never even happened."

Sump Pump Failure in Clinton Township Condo

This is the aftermath of a sump pump failure in the neighbor's condo unit during a rain storm. We had received extremely heavy rains when our customer's basement flooded because their neighbor's sump pump failed. The homeowners were delighted with the service they received from the professional team from SERVPRO of Fraser. We made their disaster "Like it never even happened."

Storm Causes Frozen Pipes in Medical Building in St. Clair Shores

During the very frigid temperatures during the winter the pipes froze to the boiler. When the pipes froze, some broke and caused the ducts to fill up with water. The professional team at SERVPRO of Fraser was called out to extract the water from the duct work so they could repair their boiler. When the storms hit and caused a disaster, we made it "Like it never even happened."

Aftermath of Storm in Southeastern Michigan

Very heavy rains had hit southeastern Michigan flooding many streets, homes and businesses. This is the aftermath of a drain back up in the basement from the heavy rains. Dirt and debris was covering the floor of this homeowner's basement. The homeowner was devastated and turned to the trained professionals at SERVPRO of Fraser to make their disaster "Like it never even happened." 

Truck Mounts are Always Ready

The professional crew at SERVPRO of Fraser always have our truck mounts ready to go in the event we have a storm. Sometimes storms hit without any warning and it is important that our equipment is ready to roll at all times. So if a storm hits, weather it be snow, water, wind or hail, the SERVPRO of Fraser team is ready to roll.

Wind Storm Blows off Shingles

Southeast Michigan experienced winds up to 70 MPH which brought many damages to the area.  This house in St. Clair Shores had multiple shingles blown off of the roof during the wind storm.  The professionals from SERVPRO of Fraser assessed the damages and tarped his roof until the insurance is able to inspect it and repairs are made.  Temporary repairs, like tarping, is one avenue of work SERVPRO of Fraser does to help keep homeowners safe.  The homeowner was pleased with the work the crew from SERVPRO of Fraser performed and relieved that his house is secure until final repairs are made.

Affected Baseboard in Warren

This basement had been affected by a storm we had which flooded many houses in the area. The water had sat in the basement for a few days before it had drained out. SERVPRO of Fraser was called out several days after the basement had drained. This photo shows the aftermath of the water damage. When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Fraser is there for you.

Water Damage in Warren

Are you prepared if disaster strikes? A major flood affected the Warren area several months ago and many houses had water in their basement. This photo shows a basement where part of the drywall had to be removed due to the damage of the drain backing up into the basement. The homeowner was relieved SERVPRO of Fraser was there to take care of her during this crisis mode.

Storm Damage in Warren

During the floods in southeastern Michigan many basements were affected. In this photo, it shows where a wall had multiple layers and every layer had to be removed to properly dry out the structure and sanitize it. SERVPRO of Fraser was there for them during their time of need.

Damaged Paneling

This photo shows the aftermath of a major flood which hit the Detroit area. Several basements were affected in surrounding cities. Due to the water and moisture in this basement for several days before prior to SERVPRO of Fraser receiving the call, mold had begun to develop on the paneling. The homeowner was relieved she had called SERVPRO of Fraser to take care of her during this stressful time.

Damaged Insulation

This basement was affected by the floods that hit the Metro Detroit area. Behind their paneling, they had insulation. Whenever insulation gets it, it is important to remove it to avoid mold from forming. The homeowners were relieved to have experts like SERVPRO of Fraser there to assist them through this disaster.

Basement Water Damage

When the floods hit the Detroit area many homeowners experienced water in their basement. This house experienced damage to the paneling throughout their entire basement. SERVPRO of Fraser took care of the homeowner and reassured her that all will be clean and dry when we completed her basement.