Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Leak in Roseville Condo

This is the result of an upstairs unit having a toilet overflow which leaked into the unit below and caused damage to the ceilings in multiple rooms and a complete demo in the bathroom of the lower unit. Our customer lives in the lower unit and was in shock with the amount of damage the water had done. She was pleased with how fast the trained crew from SERVPRO of Fraser worked to remove the damaged content to dry out the structure. We made her disaster "Like it never even happened."

Sewer Back Up in Warren

This was the result of a clogged drain. The homeowner experienced a sewer back up which brought toilet paper and feces into his basement. The odor wasn't pleasant and proper clean up was critical for the health and safety of the homeowner. The trained crew from SERVPRO of Fraser wore personal protection equipment to clean up the damage. The homeowner was pleased with the cleanliness of his basement after our work was complete. He was also relieved that he did not have to clean it up himself. He agrees that SERVPRO of Fraser made his disaster "Like it never even happened." 

Sump Pump Failure in Warren

This family had experienced the flood of 2014 and lost everything in their basement.  They waited to redo their basement.  A few months later, they experienced another sump pump failure which affected their new carpeting.  They called SERVPRO of Fraser to the rescue.

Unattended Waterloss Leads to Fungal Growth

The homeowner of this house had passed away and the grown children were dealing with a lot.  Multiple water losses had occurred and was not attended to right away which allowed fungus to begin growing.  The children called SERVPRO of Fraser to come in to clean out their parents basement of the content and damage.

Sump Pump Failure in Fraser

The homeowner woke up to about 3" of water in his basement due to sump pump failure.  He called SERVPRO of Fraser to come out and extract the water out of his basement and dry it out.

Air Movers

At SERVPRO of Fraser we have 50 air movers which we use to help dry a structure when water damage occurs. Cleaning up after a water loss and drying out the structure timely manner is extremely important to prevent additional damage.

Demo in Detroit

In this photo the technicians are in the process of demolition of an apartment unit. This unit was flooded with water after the apartment above it caught on fire. This unit experienced extensive water damage.

Sump Pump Failure Can Damage Flooring and Walls

When a sump pump fails, it can cause all kinds of damage.  This picture shows a meter on the wet wall.  Meters are used to help show the technicians how wet the material is so they know what needs to be removed and what can be dried in place.  In this incident, the carpet was lifted, padding removed, baseboard detached and holes drilled in the wall to allow proper drying.  SERVPRO of Fraser worked quickly to remove the damaged unsalvagable material and dried out the structure for the homeowner.